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Scots Who Enlightened the World PAPERBACK * SHIPS FREE

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Scots Who Enlightened The World: Paperback Edition

“...this excellent chronicle of achievement should be mandatory reading for today’s teenagers. An outstanding tribute to the great Scots of the past, and an incredible inspiration to the generations of the future.”

A Digestible Who’s Who of the Scottish Enlightenment
Introduction by First Minister Alex Salmond • 48 Key Figures • Extensive Journalistic Archive Images • Web & Online Links • Fully Indexed • Over 28 deluxe color illustrations from the National Galleries of Scotland

If you drive a car, have an operation, use a mobile phone or watch TV, wear a raincoat, have survived the flu, or discussed the upcoming independence referendum — you've benefitted from the work of an enlightened Scot. They brought you tyres & telephones, philosophy & poetry, literature & liberation, science, steamships, lighthouses and a Wealth of Nations.